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About Us

Tredinnick Property was established in Botswana in 1989. At the time of inception, our primary focus was to offer expert consultation to those seeking advice in the areas of property investment and development.


Since then, we have grown in capacity and scope as we have evolved to meet the ever-changing demands from both the public and private sector. Tredinnick is now an established property development and consultancy firm in Botswana with decades of experience across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


The array of services we offer enables us to add value at every stage of the development lifecycle. From inception and concept, through to construction and handover, we are able to service all the needs our valued clients may have. Whilst the majority of our business is within Botswana, we have since branched out to foreign markets in South Africa, Uganda, and the United Kingdom.


The proactive commitment of our directors is crucial to the eminence of service we provide at Tredinnick Property. Our clients and partners can draw on decades of proficiency in local and foreign markets, whilst also benefitting from a level of service that is both professional and personal.

Our Story

As property development experts in Botswana, we are able to facilitate commercial, residential and industrial development to help landowners and investors realise the full potential of their projects.


We have the flexibility to enter the most cost, tax and procedurally efficient agreement with our clients and stakeholders in order to best meet the objective and needs of the project. We ensure that the best possible project is delivered while ensuring maximum reward for all those involved.


We pride ourselves on staying up to date and relevant to our clients’ and market needs and thus provide the distinct advantage of being flexible in our approach to each transaction. We assess each opportunity and transaction on a case by case basis, and aim to provide expert service in order to bring a project from inception through to execution.

Meet The Team

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